About Us

Who we are & What we do…

Welcome to Delta Intellect! We are an independent and non-profit educational organization that seek to provide a FREE Digital Mathematical Learning Resources high school students, mathematics tutors and anyone who loves mathematics.

With the upsurge of modern techologies, we believe that making educational resources available online (free) will encourage most people to study hard and pass their exams swiftly. We also believe that one of the best way to study and pass mathematics exams/tests is by practicing solved problems and most of these problems are available in past examination questions.

Our resources are the best you can find online as it conveys;

  • Innovation - bringing new methods and approaches to the classroom
  • Interactivity - enhancing the interaction between students, teachers and our resources
  • Motivation - induce learners to study mathematics
  • Engagements - engage learners with mathematics
  • Mobility - easy access to mathematical resources anywhere, anytime
  • Retention - understand concept easily

We wish our readers the best in their study of Mathematics with us.

If you have any comments, suggestions regarding our work or in case you would like to contribute to this project so we can reach out to more people, or require our services for a math project, please reach out to us via: deltaintellect2019@gmail.com