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Welcome to the Number 1 Digital Mathematical Learning Resources on the Web.

We digitize local Mathematical contents that are helpful for enhancing the teaching and learning of Mathematics for students in West Africa. Currently, we have:

  • Over 4,220 multiple choice questions and

  • over 1,200 essay type questions

on General and Further Mathematics

We serve a large community of students and teachers to promote eLearning

If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics.– Galileo Galilei

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…as providers of Digital Mathematical Learning Resources


Bringing new methods and approaches to the classroom


Enhance the interaction between learners and our resources


Induce learners to study mathematics


Engage learners with mathematics


Easy access to mathematical resources


Understand concept easily

Our Focus

… by providing you with

Past Questions (arranged by year and topic), Notes, Formula Cheatsheets, Free Downloads… on

Core Mathematics

Elective Mathematics

B.E.C.E Mathematics


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