Mathematics Past Questions

We currently have in-stock Past Questions for;

  • Core Mathematics,

  • Elective Mathematics

from 1993 to the current year.

The questions have been well typed and typeset to make reading interesting.

You will find each year’s questions organized in its own webpage.

Our questions are well optimize and structured in a pdf format (a4 paper size) for easy printing. All you need is a pdf viewer on your electronic device or computer to get started.

At the moment, we are compiling more questions, once we are done, we will start providing solutions to each of these questions. If you have any Past Questions (that is not in our repository) and you wish to share with us, any comments, suggestions regarding our work or in case you would like to contribute to this project so we can reach out to more people, or require our services for the digitization of an educational project, please reach out to us via:

We wish you good luck.